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Press Release: New SVCN report highlights economic strength of Santa Clara County nonprofits but uncovers significant gaps in wealth distribution

Spotlights the scope, geography, and economic significance of Santa Clara County’s nonprofits; identifies needs and disparities of services in different parts of the County.


Thursday, July 12, 2018

San Jose, California — The Silicon Valley Council of Nonprofits this week released a report on the social and economic status of local nonprofit organizations, “The Nonprofit Landscape in Santa Clara County 2018”. This report, a follow up from a similar SVCN report completed in 2010, reveals the scope, geography, and economic significance of Santa Clara County’s nonprofits, relying on data extracted from the online data service, which provides comprehensive, up-to-date information available on more than 1.8 million nonprofits nationwide.


For instance, the report shows that:

  • There are nearly 14,000 nonprofits and foundations in Santa Clara County, of which about 2,100 have operating budgets over $100,000, compared to roughly 1,400 organizations in 2010.

  • There are 53% more organizations operating with a budget over $100K than there were in 2010

  • Organizations with budget sizes between $100k and $500k represent 55% of all Santa Clara County nonprofits, but they represent only 0.5% of the nonprofit sector’s total income.

  • Organizations with annual budgets over $10M, represent 8% of the total nonprofits, but 96% of the sector’s total income

  • 54% of all nonprofits in Santa Clara County are headquartered in either San Jose or Palo Alto

  • 39% of San Jose’s organizations have budget sizes between $100K - $500k


Introducing the report, SVCN CEO Patricia Gardner, said: “While sometimes overshadowed by the wealth and headlines of our neighboring for-profit tech giants, Santa Clara County’s nonprofit sector cannot be overlooked and is uniquely representative of the visions and values of the County’s diverse communities. SVCN represents over 200 of these nonprofit organizations, with millions of dollars in revenue and assets, and thousands of employees and volunteers, Santa Clara County nonprofits help drive the Silicon Valley economy and touch the lives of hundreds of thousands of residents every day.”


The report highlights organizations with budget sizes greater than $100,000, delving deeper into the health and human services sector since it is the largest of all nonprofit groupings in the County, as well as looking specifically at nonprofits in the cities of San Jose, and Palo Alto, and the South Santa Clara County region.


Home to over one-third of the County’s nonprofit service providers, San Jose boasts the largest share of health and human service organizations at 33% of the County’s total. With the second largest share of nonprofit organizations in the County, Palo Alto is home to the largest segment of high wealth nonprofits and foundations. For comparison, South County only has 95 nonprofits with budgets greater than $100K, that is just 4% of the total count of nonprofits in the County.


The report also looks at the impacts of foundations and other high-wealth organizations with budgets over $10 million, and $1 billion.


For example, although organizations with income over $10M represent just 8% of all Santa Clara County nonprofits, they generate the majority of the County’s total nonprofit income. In comparison, those with budget sizes between $100K and $500K represent 55% of all nonprofits but generate only 0.5% of the income. But even within this grouping, the spread of wealth is not evenly distributed with only five of those organizations, or 3%, having budgets over $1 Billion. However, while small in numbers, these organizations control over 70% of the resources in this grouping.



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