Change Maker Awards 2018

The SVCN Change Maker award started in 2000 with a very simple goal – to put a spotlight on community activism in Santa Clara County. As we end 2018, we are pleased to acknowledge this year’s Change Maker award recipients who have helped create significant change in our community. Who are Change Makers? Change Makers leverage innovation and collaboration to address some of our county’s most pressing challenges. They inspire us with their passion and directly help create positive, lasting change. They leverage the power of activism to change the way we think about and treat all members of our community. Several Change Maker recipients are public servants who are retiring or changing roles thi

New Silicon Valley Community Foundation CEO focused on rebuilding

Originally posted on San Jose Spotlight. Click here to view article. While many in Silicon Valley recall the scandal of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, Nicole Taylor, the foundation’s new chief executive, is ready to turn a new leaf. Taylor replaces former Silicon Valley Community Foundation CEO Emmett Carson, after he resigned following claims of misconduct by a top foundation executive, Mary Ellen Loijens. Loijens resigned due to allegations of sexual harassment of employees. The investigations and Carson’s resignation, caused an administrative shakeup within the foundation, and notoriety in the media when foundation workers slammed him for failing to address Loijens’ alleged repe

Highlights from Health and Housing 2019

This year's Health and Housing summit was a huge success, thanks to our wonderful speakers. With topics ranging from innovative solutions to the housing crisis, to how food can act as medicine, we had tremendous insight to the great work being done in our community When she first joined the Health Trust, Michele Lew was surprised that so much work was being put into housing. After working there for a few weeks, she realized how interconnected the issues of health and housing were, "If we provide people with housing case management and supportive services, they can manage their health." As a direct service provider, the Health Trust has been working primarily with housing HIV/AIDS patients. D

Cannabis panel discusses removing barriers, ending the war on drugs

Originally posted on San Jose Spotlight. Click here to read article Councilwoman Magdalena Carrasco’s vision for cannabis businesses in San Jose focuses on righting the wrongs. For decades, residents in the east San Jose district have been victims of the country’s war on drugs. Now she wants to change that with an equity program. “The way that I see this is what a tragic point in history we’ve had to face,” she said. “(I) see this industry take such a turn and folks becoming billionaires through the same industry that incarcerated our young people.” Carrasco’s remarks on the program, which would make the industry inclusive to individuals who may have been disadvantaged by previous marijuana