📢ANNOUNCING OnBoard Together

We are thrilled to announce OnBoard Together, a Silicon Valley-wide initiative dedicated to helping local nonprofits create strong boards of directors. This is a joint venture of Thrive, The Alliance of Nonprofits for San Mateo County, Center for Excellence in Nonprofits, and Silicon Valley Council of Nonprofits designed to institute a more collaborative approach to cultivating board service. With support from the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, we have decided to take the successful Thrive OnBoard event, now in its fifth year, and bring it to all of Silicon Valley through this powerful coalition. We are excited to join forces to bring you the very best of our networks, educational r

Transition Update: Search Committee Selects Final CEO Candidates

Dear Friends, I would like to thank all our partners who sent well wishes and/or attended Patricia’s Gratitude with Attitude celebration. I know she felt honored by the recognition, the special words shared, and your attendance. The Board thanks you. I’d also like to provide an update on the executive search process for a new SVCN CEO. On March 6th, the Transition Team completed the interview process of all eligible candidates. The Team has selected the final candidates that will move forward. Within the next two weeks, the finalists will meet with the Board and staff. From there the Transition Team will present its recommendation to the Board. After Board approval, we will trans

Employee Harassment Training Requirements

California Law Prohibits Workplace Discrimination and Harassment Did you know that California now requires companies with 5+ employees to provide harassment training? This not only includes Part-time and Full-time staff, but your temporary or seasonal staff as well (i.e. interns). All staff in a manager role or higher will need to take a 2-hour harassment training and upkeep their certificate every two years after that. Those who are in a non-managerial role will only need to take a 1-hour training every two years. All new-hires are to be trained within 30-days of their hire date. Steps you should take: Post the State notice in your Employee information area and provide the pamphlets to your