CEO Message: Ethics and Nonprofits

Last week, I spent two days at the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University with other nonprofit executive directors and our board chairs participating in the Standards of Excellence, an ethics training program for nonprofits and philanthropists. One of the more interesting aspects of the two days, admittedly perversely so, was the litany of nonprofit scandals that served as cautionary examples; these example scandals were so gnarly that just hearing the stories could cause a nonprofit exec to break into a cold sweat. Of course, the most prominent nonprofit scandal in the U.S. in recent days has been the relationship between Jeffrey Epstein and various nonprofits, most pr

Resources on Public Charge

Last month, federal judges in California, New York and Washington issued injunctions temporarily blocking the public charge rule. According to the California Budget & Policy Center: The public charge rule applies when individuals are seeking to enter the US or seeking to adjust their immigration status to long-term permanent resident status. It does not apply to immigrants who already have green cards or to naturalized US citizens, and it does not apply to US-born children of immigrants. Use of public supports by other family members, such as US-born children, is not considered a negative factor. Most immigrant families are not subject to public charge and should not drop their enrollment in