What is the 2012 Community Assessment Project?

The Community Assessment Project was led by a diverse coalition of individuals from nonprofits, foundations, government, corporations, and education to study the quality of life in Santa Clara County. They brought a variety of perspectives and experiences and helped to design the surveys, gather research, and analyze the results. What distinguishes this assessment is its emphasis on measuring how well people think their lives are going in a few key areas as well as their thoughts and feelings about their community. The goal was to better understand our community’s assets as well as its challenges.

What did the Assessment Project discover?

The findings show while the quality of life in Santa Clara County is good, people are longing for a sense of community, insecure about their financial situation, and stressed by the pace and pressure to keep up in this competitive economy. While people like the rich diversity found in Silicon Valley, they feel like they don’t know their neighbors well enough and don’t know how to connect with others not like them.

Additionally, the study confirmed that many residents are struggling to make ends meet and there is a significant gap in quality of life depending on where people live, how educated they are, their ethnicity, and how much money they earn. In addition, participants expressed that “it’s up to us” as individual community members to improve our quality of life and make our community a better place to live.

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