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Assistant Director - General Accounting

San Jose, CA

Job Type:

Full Time

About the Role

The Assistant Director – General Accounting will be responsible for a variety of activities in support of the organization’s overall financial management and grantor billing. This position works closely with the Controller, as well as the accounting and contracts teams, and is expected to function with a minimum amount of supervision while performing complex financial tasks that require thorough understanding of government contracts and accounting principles and standards under Uniform Guidelines to the financial activities of the Organization.

This position is responsible for the billing of the third-party grant awards FIRST 5 receives and the management of the grantees who receive the related pass-through funding for their timely and accurate billings. This role will also be responsible for the contract management for the third-party funders and the related pass-through grantees’ contracts. This role is part of the Finance team and reports to the Controller. This position is part of a bargaining unit represented by SEIU Local 521.

About the Company

FIRST 5 Santa Clara County (FIRST 5) was formed when California voters approved Proposition 10 in November 1998. FIRST 5 is a public entity governed by a nine member Commission. FIRST 5 Santa Clara County supports the healthy development of children prenatal through age 5 and enriches the lives of their families. FIRST 5 allocates funds to promote, support, and improve early childhood development for children prenatal through age 5 and their families.
Through an extensive planning process, the community identified four domains in which FIRST 5 focuses its resources: (1) Health Care; (2) Family Support; (3) Early Care and Education; and (4) Neighborhood and Community Engagement. The Commission then adopted five primary goals that address each of these domains: (1) Children are born healthy and experience optimal health and development; (2) Families provide safe, stable, loving and stimulating homes; (3) Children enter school fully prepared to succeed academically, emotionally and socially; (4) Neighborhoods and communities are places where children are safe, neighbors are connected, and all cultures are respected; and (5) Systems are responsive to the needs of children and families. Potential applicants are encouraged to visit FIRST 5's website at in order to better understand FIRST 5's programs and services.

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