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Housing Retention Specialist

Milpitas, CA

Job Type:

Full Time

About the Role

The Shallow Subsidy Program guarantees qualified individuals and families who exit Rapid Re-Housing program an additional stipend of $500/month for a total of 12 months for them to use any way they see fit towards sustaining their housing and prevent them from re-entering homelessness. This innovative approach is part of a 2 year pilot to improve permanency outcomes of clients who have completed a Rapid Re-housing program.

The Housing Retention Specialist works directly with identified clients to provided support to ensure that they maintain their housing, employment and self-sufficiency. The Housing Retention Specialist will work with the client to increase their income, help find and retain employment and/or continue their education goals. The Housing Retention Specialist will process monthly financial subsidy paperwork, maintain records and program data and other services as needed to meet program and client needs.


  • Work with Director of Housing to identify clients who qualify for shallow subsidy
  • Conduct Well-being assessment at entry of program and in 6 month intervals.
  • Assess tenants adult support system ensuring that they have at least 2 permanent connections by end of program
  • Prepare and process all required financial documents ensuring clients receive monthly payments for 12 months
  • Serve a total of 40 young adults over a 2 year period
  • Link young adults to employment services as needed such as Work2Future, JobTrain, San Jose Conservation Corp, NOVA, Center for Employment Opportunities.
  • Develop strong partnership with above Work Development agencies
  • Provide direct service supports to tenants that support increasing their income or obtaining viable employment
  • Provide direct supports and linkages to tenant should they need to change housing location during enrollment in program.

· Follow agency policies and procedures regarding financial documentation and reconciling all requests.

· Meet grant goals as outlined in contract including maintenance of permanent housing at conclusion of 12 month subsidy and employment by end of program.


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About the Company

Bill Wilson Center is a nationally and regionally recognized leader for providing services to at-risk youth and families. Our agency -- from our executive team to our line staff -- is committed to improving the lives and conditions of the people we serve. We provide direct services to more than 3,500 children, youth, young adults and families in Santa Clara County. BWC provides services that meet the cultural and linguistic needs of our whole community. We value our unique ethnic diversity as well as the LGBTQ community and non-able body community. Join us and become a difference maker at Bill Wilson Center! Find out more at

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