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Lived Experience Coordinator

San Jose, CA

Job Type:

Full Time

About the Role

Reporting to the Director of Lived Experience and Innovation, this position will be responsible for the day-to-day coordination of the Lived Experience Strategies, as well as other programs and convenings involving lived experience as part of community-wide goals embedded in the Community Plan to End Homelessness.

About the Company

Destination: Home, a supporting organization of Silicon Valley Community Foundation, is a public-private partnership ending homelessness in Silicon Valley. Through our collective impact model, we convene and collaborate with stakeholders across our community to address the root causes of homelessness and drive true systemic change. We embrace a data-driven and human approach - advocating for policies, incubating new ideas and programs, and investing in strategies to connect more of our homeless neighbors to a stable home and prevent homelessness before it begins. Our work is grounded in a commitment to advancing racial and socioeconomic justice - and working together, we can build a community where homelessness is rare, brief and non-recurring.

No one knows more about the needs of homeless individuals than those with lived experience. At Destination: Home, we strive to ensure that our community’s efforts to end homelessness are informed by our neighbors who have endured periods of homelessness.

Our Lived Experience Strategies include:

● Providing leadership opportunities for people with lived experience of homelessness to shape how we address homelessness in our community.

● Centering the voices of people who have lived experience of homelessness in the policy and program design decisions of the supportive housing system, especially people of color who are overrepresented in homelessness and extreme poverty.

● Within the supportive housing system, incentivizing the hiring of people who have lived experience of homelessness to reflect those we serve.

● Creating opportunities for people who have lived experience of homelessness to provide peer-to-peer support.

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