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Managing Director

San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Job Type:

Full Time

About the Role

Quinteto Latino seeks a dynamic Managing Director to join a Latina/o/e-led and Latina/o/e-serving institution. The Managing Director reports to the Board of Directors and will co-lead the organization with Quinteto Latino's Artistic Director. The Managing Director will oversee all day-to-day administrative operations, including budgeting, financial sustainability, fundraising activities, and workplace culture. In addition, the position is responsible for leading efforts to expand the impact and reach of Quinteto Latino, exploring strategic partnerships and implementing policies to promote organizational growth and sustainability. The successful candidate must have a deep commitment to social justice.

About the Company

Quinteto Latino is a one-of-a-kind San Francisco Bay Area wind quintet with a mission to build community through Latin American Classical Music performance and advocacy. Founded in 2004 by French horn player Armando Castellano, this unique ensemble aims to expand the boundaries of classical music by performing works exclusively by Latin American composers. Through innovative work in venues both traditional and nontraditional, they strive to make this music available, relevant, and inspiring to audiences across cultural, class, and ethnic lines. In addition, they advocate on behalf of Latina/o/e composers and people of color classical musicians through mentoring, commissioning, consulting, public speaking, and hiring – acting as an amplifying voice, both regionally and nationally, for issues pertaining to diversity in classical music. While the classical music world is a leading arts innovator, only a tiny percentage of its orchestra conductors, composers, and musicians are people of color. Since their founding, they have worked locally, regionally, and nationally to transform the classical music space from traditionally exclusive and Eurocentric to one that recognizes, empowers, and positions Latina/o/e contributions in classical music leadership and performance.

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