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Mental Health Advisor

San Jose

Job Type:

Full Time

About the Role

The Mental Health Advisor is responsible for providing onsite mental health consultation to teaching staff and families within all SJB Child Development Centers. The consultations are intended to directly support the social-emotional health and development of all children in the classroom, and allow SJB staff to work effectively, responsively, and collaboratively with children and families with mental health concerns, challenging behaviors, and individual developmental differences. Additional responsibilities include staff training, creating nurturing and emotionally responsive environments, increasing staff effectiveness in their interactions with young children and families, and developing strong school/home alliances.

About the Company

SJB Child Development Centers is committed to providing high quality learning environments to support the success and well-being of children and families in our diverse communities.

​We believe all children, regardless of economic status, deserve investment by dedicated skilled professionals in warm environments, which educate, engage, and inspire. Since 1971, it has been SJB’s privilege to prepare children and families for brighter and more prosperous futures with innovative services transcending traditional childcare. By providing children with the care and education they deserve and parents with access to the resources they need, we work together to create a vibrant, thriving community.​

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