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PT DUI Instructor

2400 Moorpark Ave, Ste 300, San Jose, CA 95128

Job Type:

Part Time

About the Role

Starting the journey to recovery after grappling with chemical dependency is no easy feat. That is why AACI’s DUI Program is here to guide clients with a dynamic, multilingual approach tailored for both first-time and repeat DUI offenders. We delve deep into the intricacies of alcohol and substance abuse, unraveling their impact on safe driving. Throughout our programs, participants not only gain vital insights but also equip themselves with an arsenal of tools designed to foster a lifestyle free from alcohol and drugs, all while promoting safe and responsible driving habits. Join us in the pursuit of positive change, where empowerment meets the road to a brighter, substance-free future.

Part Time, up to 20hrs per week, Monday through Friday, afternoons and evenings.

Hourly Range $23.50 - $26.26


As a DUI Program Instructor, you will be at the forefront of change, conducting individual and group counseling sessions, assessments, and interviews for participants facing alcohol and/or other substance abuse challenges affecting their driving.

What We Offer:

· Hybrid Remote Model: Enjoy flexibility with our hybrid remote work model, equipped with a company laptop.

· Bilingual Bonus: We value diversity and offer additional pay for bilingual staff.

· Mindfulness Support: Access the Headspace mindfulness app for free, promoting holistic well-being.


· Two years or more of experience providing counseling services to individuals dealing with alcohol and/or other drug problems.

· Completed and submitted initial registration application for CAADAC certification, holds a CAADAC certification, or possesses one or more years of experience in alcohol and drug abuse prevention/treatment.

If you're passionate about making a positive impact and guiding others on their journey to recovery, join us at AACI! Together, we drive change and create a safer, healthier community.

Click here to learn more about us and why we are a great fit for you!

About the Company

AACI is a community health organization in Santa Clara County. Learn more at

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