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Resources Specialist

San Jose, CA

Job Type:

Full Time

About the Role

JOB SUMMARY: While maintaining good public relations with the community and implementing the vision of the agency, this position coordinates and develops a continuum of community resources and services for persons with developmental disabilities. This position is also responsible for providing public information about, and creating community awareness of regional center service needs for persons with developmental disabilities.



· Plans and initiates the development of needed programs and services through provision of new vendor documents,review of new vendor documents, and support to provider to ensure accurate completion of new vendor documents

· Provides technical assistance to new and existing service providers to ensure quality of services and program effectiveness

· Designs a service provider recruitment and orientation program

· Reviews proposed program designs for regulatory requirements

· Maintains an inventory of programs and services available for consumers throughout the catchment area

· Conducts quality assurance reviews of existing service providers’ programs

· Reviews specializedcontracts in collaboration with the Fiscal Department.

· Reviews services provided in catchment area to avoid duplication and to ensure efficiency and effectiveness

· Develops, implements and monitors cost-effective alternative service models

· Resolves issues with consumers, care service providers, parents and agency staff regarding regulatory requirement issues and non-routine service requests which do not easily fit into the current service system

· Resolves issues regarding services which will result in a disproportionately high cost

· Trains and/or coordinates training to staff and service providers regarding new services and any corresponding regulatory requirements

· Conducts special projects as requested

· Performs other related duties as assigned

SALARY RANGE:$5,425.00 - $6,592.00 per month in Five Annual Steps

About the Company

San Andreas Regional Center is a community-based, private nonprofit corporation funded by the State of California to serve people with developmental disabilities as required by the Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Act. The Lanterman Act is part of California law that sets out the rights and responsibilities of persons with developmental disabilities. San Andreas is one of 21 regional centers throughout California serving individuals and their families who reside within Monterey, San Benito, Santa Clara, and Santa Cruz Counties.

San Andreas provides diagnostic and prevention services to help ameliorate developmental disabilities. Examples of such service includes amniocentesis, chorionic villus screening or genetic screening for pregnant woman. Chromosomal studies, and genetic counseling, are available to family members to determine hereditary conditions that may increase the risk for birthing a developmental disabled infant or to determine the cause of a disabling condition. These prevention services are available upon referral from a physician.

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