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Mission, Vision, & Strategies

Silicon Valley Council of Nonprofits (SVCN) unifies and amplifies the voice of local community-serving nonprofits in Santa Clara County so they can become more effective advocates for their organizations and communities. 

SVCN’s learning program focuses on organizational effectiveness and capacity-building within nonprofits, while its cohort facilitation approach for collective impact forges collaboration across diverse entities to tackle community challenges together. SVCN’s policy team advocates at the city, county, and state level on behalf of nonprofits on policies that affect the sector; we also team with our nonprofit community on issues it identifies as critical to creating and supporting equitable and thriving communities and furthering racial justice. SVCN’s nonprofit membership is 170+ strong. #NonprofitAlliance

SVCN helps nonprofits grow their capacity to build thriving and equitable communities.

Mission: To strengthen, magnify, and unite the voice and influence
of nonprofits.

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Vision: A thriving and impactful nonprofit community in Silicon Valley.

Our Values

  • Collaboration

  • Centering Community

  • Equity + Racial Justice

  • Flexibility

  • Humility

  • Integrity + Accountability

  • Receptiveness to Learning

 Key Strategies

Advocacy and Empowerment


Learning and Leadership Development

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