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Transition Update: SVCN Board Selects Transition Team and CEO Search Firm

As announced on August 4, 2018, SVCN CEO Patricia Gardner will be stepping down from her position as CEO at SVCN. A Transition Team was named and began the process of selecting an executive search firm to guide the organization through this transition and selection of a new CEO. As we go through this process, we will be updating our members, partners and friends via the SVCN blog and newsletter.

Transition Team The following members of SVCN’s board of directors, staff and community will serve on the transition team:

  • Sandra Murillo, Chair, SVCN Board of Directors

  • Anthony Lin, SVCN Board of Directors

  • Jeanne Labozetta, SVCN Board of Directors

  • Alison Brunner, CEO, Silicon Valley Law Foundation

  • Wendy Ho, Senior Policy Director, SVCN

In August, the Transition Team interviewed five prospective executive search firms and presented its recommendation to the Board. The Board approved Carlson Beck, LLC as the organization to assist with the selection and transition process. Carlson Beck has assisted other local nonprofit organizations in their selection process, including members of SVCN.

Our goal is to select a new CEO by Spring 2019. On our journey there, we will seek staff, member, and community partner input on the position's role and responsibilities, and organization structure to develop the position specifications, and post in Fall 2018. This will be followed by candidate identification and selection. Post-hiring, Carlson Beck will provide executive transition support to ensure a smooth transition.

Though it will be a challenge to replace Patricia, the Transition Team is confident that within our community there is a new leader for SVCN.

Sandra Murillo

Board Chair

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