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📢ANNOUNCING OnBoard Together

We are thrilled to announce OnBoard Together, a Silicon Valley-wide initiative dedicated to helping local nonprofits create strong boards of directors. This is a joint venture of Thrive, The Alliance of Nonprofits for San Mateo County, Center for Excellence in Nonprofits, and Silicon Valley Council of Nonprofits designed to institute a more collaborative approach to cultivating board service. With support from the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, we have decided to take the successful Thrive OnBoard event, now in its fifth year, and bring it to all of Silicon Valley through this powerful coalition. We are excited to join forces to bring you the very best of our networks, educational resources, and leadership development specialists to take nonprofit board service to the next level!

Visit Our New Website

What can you expect from OnBoard Together in 2019?
  • Broader geographic reach and visibility, with OnBoard Match Event near you

  • Customized OnBoard Workshops to prepare you for the experience, whether you are a board prospect searching for your dream organization, or a nonprofit leader seeking new board talent

Increased partnership and collaboration within the region to facilitate board matches that lift up Silicon Valley's nonprofit sector.

Explore Opportunities with OnBoard Together

Whether you are just thinking about serving on a nonprofit board and wondering how to choose the right one or looking for board members for your nonprofit - we've got you covered.

Opportunities for Board Seekers

Opportunities for Nonprofits

Here's to all of us working together for greater impact! Let's get more of Silicon Valley to Take a Seat. Make a Difference through OnBoard Together. In Community, Georgia Antonopoulos, Executive Director, Thrive Alliance Larissa Robideaux, Executive Director, Center for Excellence in Nonprofits Wendy Ho, Interim Chief Executive Officer, Silicon Valley Council of Nonprofits

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