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Resources on Public Charge

According to the California Budget & Policy Center: The public charge rule applies when individuals are seeking to enter the US or seeking to adjust their immigration status to long-term permanent resident status. It does not apply to immigrants who already have green cards or to naturalized US citizens, and it does not apply to US-born children of immigrants. Use of public supports by other family members, such as US-born children, is not considered a negative factor.

Most immigrant families are not subject to public charge and should not drop their enrollment in public programs like SNAP/Cal Fresh (food stamps), Section 8 or other forms of federal housing assistance, Medicaid/Medi-Cal and cash aid (e.g. SSI, TANF, General Assistance).

For more information, including FAQs and messaging on how to talk with clients about the public charge rule change, visit Protecting Immigrant Families and the Immigrant Legal Resource Center. For questions or legal assistance, please contact an attorney or BIA-accredited agency.

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