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The Census is coming. What can nonprofits do to help?

As trusted messengers in the community, nonprofits are in a unique position to assist with efforts to promote the 2020 Census and engage hard-to-count populations. Nonprofits are already in regular contact with many of these groups and can offer assistance in multiple languages.

But as a 501(c)3, can your organization legally participate in activities to promote the Census? YES! Nonprofits can absolutely engage in activities to promote a fair, accurate, and complete Census count.

In fact, it’s imperative that we get a good count to ensure nonprofit community based programs get the funding they need. Promoting the census and supporting Get Out The Count (GOTC) efforts are considered forms of civic engagement that are not subject to restrictions placed on 501(c)3 organizations on lobbying or election-related activities.

Want to learn more? Download our latest Census Fact Sheet for Nonprofits and stay tuned for more policy updates and trainings!

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