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See you on the other side

A message from Kyra + the SVCN Team

The end of 2020 brings with it so many dualities. What a difficult and yet remarkable year for our community and for nonprofits. There is so much loss – and yet there are new partnerships and skills forged in fires of crisis. We have been witness to great injustices – and yet we have coalesced towards fighting for equity and racial justice and seem poised to make meaningful advances in this cause. The near and far-term future is so uncertain – but now the promise of new leadership and a vaccine suggests that it might finally be safe to acknowledge there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

The team at SVCN has been witnesses to hardship and fear in the nonprofit community – but when I think about the last 9 months, what really stands out is how you:

protected your staff,

spent resources and time to further racial justice when there was neither resources nor time,

shifted and/or dramatically increased your services to meet community need at risk to your organization’s financial well-being and your personal safety,

worked to share information and resources to help other nonprofits,

spent many many many hours aligning with other nonprofits and governmental and private partners to MAKE IT HAPPEN in a coordinated way,

said yes daily,

and really


The SVCN team, as well as our Board and Leadership Team, are incredibly grateful for this community. I personally am so moved by you, daily.

I truly hope you each get whatever kind of break you want and need over the next couple of weeks. I’ll see you on the other side, dear friends.


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