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Stop Asian Hate

Call to Action: Your Voice Matters Marissa Martinez We wake up wondering About how we look, how we speak, how we do How we interact with others How others interact with us How when we look up They look down We speak big on the small things Small on the big things And either way, Who listens? We have hands And legs And mouths Capable of so much Doing so little They talked And protested And stood And sat And marched For hours, days, months, years Just to be heard Let them wonder about you Let them wonder about us But never wonder about Your own influence, power, and impact Speak louder Speak together Speak now This feeling of devastation and being sickened at the violence in Georgia reminds me of a poem I wrote in May 2018, inspired by a different incident of judgment and fear. I woke up wondering about the hate and violence that has taken eight lives -- Delaina Ashley Yaun, Paul Andre Michels, Xiaojie Tan, Daoyou Feng, Julie Park, Hyeon Jeong Park and two unnamed victims -- six of whom were Asian American women. Every week there’s news of another act of violence against the Asian and Asian American community. With over 3,500 hate crimes against Asian Americans reported since the start of the pandemic, every incident further calls out this country's deep history of systemic racism, anti-Asian racism, and gender-based violence. Is anyone listening? This violence is not new. We have seen it in the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, in Japanese internment, and now in Atlanta, Georgia. Asian Americans from all cultures -- Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Filipinos, Indonesians -- have faced violence and fear for centuries. Violence against Asian American communities is part of a larger system of violence and racism against all communities of color, including Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities. These incidents of hate happen every day -- on our streets and in our markets. It is exhausting. It is heartbreaking. Personally, I am confused, angry, sad, and afraid for myself and my loved ones. This is what I know: we have hands. We are capable of so much. We must be united to end the violence against Asian Americans. We must denounce racism together. We must educate and spread awareness. We must make space for every individual in our community. We must not let hate divide us. We must not wait any longer. In this time, we want to highlight and support organizations and leaders in the Asian American space, including:

My colleagues and I are resources and are here for you. Let us talk, protest, stand, sit, march to be heard. And don’t wonder about your power – use it.

In community, Marissa Martinez SVCN Communications + Fund Development Specialist

Excerpt from Marissa's latest script, "Immigration History Break":

  • Luis: America is supposed to be the land of the free, but unfortunately immigrating here doesn’t automatically mean you’re free…

  • Piper: You reminded me about all the struggles immigrants have gone through and their perseverance. Everything that they’ve done to get us to where we are today and where we will keep going, is unforgettable.

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