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Recorded Learning Content
for Nonprofits

NEW! Employer Liabilities and Considerations for Requiring Vaccinations -- FREE

Can our nonprofit require our employees to be vaccinated?

  • What are the legal risks and considerations in order to do so?

  • Do we have to provide alternatives to vaccination? 

  • Are there any conditions where employees will be exempt from being vaccinated?


Hear the answers to questions like these from attorney Sarju A. Naran (Employment Law, Hoge Fenton), who will be discussing the legal and practical considerations of what nonprofits need to know about requiring vaccinations in the workplace.

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Funding Your Impact

SVCN's popular fund development summit is now available as recorded webinars that you can watch at your convenience.

$100 for members for 5 webinars

$180 for non-members

Or choose from the ala carte menu:

$25 for members for 1 webinar

$45 for nonmembers

Activate Your Impact Policy Summit 2021 Webinars

Health Equity: the Challenge of Our Time

A panel of local health leaders will explore the disproportionate impact COVID-19 is having on  communities of color and what we can do now to combat these unjust health inequities. 

State Buzz: Legislation Nonprofits Should Care About

What's new and emerging in the California Legislature that affects nonprofit organizations and the communities we serve.

Moving to Meet the Moment

How the School of Arts and Culture at MHP, a place-based cultural institution, leveraged its two greatest assets (the Mexican Heritage Plaza and its team) to meet the moment through advocacy, change management, and the mobilization of the Si Se Puede Collective.

Our Advocacy Stories

A panel of nonprofit advocates tell how they moved the needle, won the day, or lived to fight another day -- and why your nonprofit is needed in the battle for equitable and thriving communities.

ABC's of Advocacy -- $25 member/$45 non

ABC's of nonprofit advocacy -- strategy, tactics, and partnering to accomplish your policy objectives.

2020 AYI Summit Webinars

Seeking Equity in the COVID-19 World

Nonprofit organizations that have been engaged in race equity work are being recognized as leaders in supporting their staff and the communities they serve. By spotlighting the policies and practices they engage in, we hope to inspire others with ideas they too can implement.

The California Budget, Nonprofits, and Equity

Senior Advisor on Social Innovation to Governor Gavin Newsom, Kathleen Kelly Janus shares her insights from this listening tour, and to give our community an update about issues the Governor’s office is addressing which affect the nonprofit community.

Empowering the Community We Pledge to Serve

One of the most important roles of nonprofits is to build community power. When the voices of the community members most affected by injustice are strong, when they have the resources and power to help change systems, our community is strengthened.

Housing is Medicine

Learn more about the connection between housing, health, and advocacy and build a greater appreciation for the collective impact model that drives Santa Clara County's work to eliminate homelessness in our County.

Road to Re-opening

Staff Care: Supporting Your Workforce in Times of Crisis June 2020

Road to Reopening for CBOS 

Tips and strategies to keep staff well and improve morale during this challenging time.

Saving on Rent: A Shared Space Strategy June 2020

Road to Reopening for CBOS 

When, why, and how to share space with other organizations as a way of better utilizing space, saving money, and finding ways of making your own organization more efficient and productive.

Deep Dive into Space Planning June 2020

Road to Reopening

How to structure office environments including ideas for your floor plan, how to handle areas like restrooms, kitchen/break rooms, shared equipment areas such as copy machines, printers, office supply cabinets, and other high touch surfaces or areas, and planning considerations.

Download the slide presentation.

Nonprofit Space Meetup July 2020

Road to Reopening

Nate Heasley from All Good Work Foundation lays out the important factors to consider when exploring the cost-saving strategy of sharing office space.

Road to Re-Opening

Review SCCO Public Health orders and Q&A; provide a broad overview of considerations for CBOs and nonprofits in SCCO on continuing service delivery and re-opening facilities in this COVID-19 landscape; and hear from other CBOs what they are doing – what’s working, challenges, tips and best practices

Download the slide presentation.

COVID-19 Response 

Documenting Your Disaster Work June 2020

How governments and private nonprofits can document their work in responding to a disaster to best ensure cost recovery from FEMA.

Download the slide presentation.

Engaging Volunteers Virtually May 2020

Join us to explore how to creatively engage remote volunteers - individuals, families and skilled professionals - to help your organization thrive during COVID-19 and beyond. You will be guided to think outside the box to develop a strong network.

Download the slide presentation (PDF) 

You've Got to Nourish to Flourish May 2020

During challenging times, when nonprofits are called upon to step up services, self-care for our staff is more important than ever. Through this interactive workshop, participants will learn how the culture and mission-driven commitments of our work can lead to high stress and burnout.​

Resources on Self Care for Nonprofit Staff

Self Care Assessment

Self Care Worksheet

Managing Your PPP Loan April 2020

So, your bank came through with a Payroll Protection Program (PPP) loan. Now what? SVCN and Financial Administrative Support Services (FASS) help you understand proper fund accounting, eligible expenses, ongoing resources, and more.

Download the slide presentation (PDF)

Coping with the Crisis April 2020

Featuring George Han, MD, Santa Clara County Public Health. What we know about COVID-19 – and what to expect in the coming weeks/months, as well as resources and ideas to strengthen your CBO's response.

Download the slide presentation (PDF)

Nonprofit Meeting on COVID19 March 2020

Thrive Alliance, SVCN & CADRE held this community meeting and webinar to discuss COVID-19 and nonprofit responses and advocacy strategies across San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties.

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