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Nonprofit Membership

When your nonprofit joins SVCN, it is immediately connected to an alliance of hundreds of local organizations dedicated to building an equitable and thriving community.

Why Join SVCN?

SVCN Connects Nonprofits to Essential Resources


Partner with other organizations to coordinate, share information, and advocate -- together -- to tackle our community's most challenging problems and build equitable and thriving communities.


Network and convene with other nonprofits leaders to share resources and insights and provide mutual support.


Learn new skills and strategies through SVCN's learning workshops and summits. Access SVCN's help desk supports for model policies, short-term advice, fair pay information, and introductions to other leaders who might be able to magnify your work.


Advance your mission by gaining seats at the table at all levels of local government -- for nonprofit leaders and the community members we seek to serve. Keep up to date with local government policies and processes as well as community-led actions. Keep apprised of funding and other resource opportunities.

Membership Benefits

Just a few of the popular benefits:

  • Discounts on workshops, webinars, and summits

  • Invitations to members-only meetings and events

  • Priority alerts of opportunities of interest to nonprofits like resources and funding leads

  • Free job postings on SVCN's website ($25 per post)

  • Access to fair pay information

  • Help desk assistance with advocacy and back-office challenges

  • Access to SVCN Community Slack
    * Your organization's staff and board receive all of these benefits!

Nonprofit Membership Dues Schedule

Your membership rate is based on your annual operating budget. 

Never been a member? New members receive a discount!

Not sure if you're a member? Check here!

Businesses, foundations, government entities, faith organizations, clubs, or other entities who support nonprofits -- please join SVCN as Ally Members!


Under $500K
$500K - $1M

$1M - $2M

$2M - $3M

$3M - $6M

$6M - $10M

$10M - $25M

Over $25M










New Member









Scholarships Available


SVCN is committed to making the benefits of membership in our organization accessible to under-resourced nonprofits in Silicon Valley. SVCN's membership scholarship is available thanks to our Ally Members and donors. 

If your organization is awarded a scholarship, it will receive a full or partial waiver of membership fees for one year.

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