Nonprofit Racial Equity Pledge

SVCN is on an intentional journey to build the values of racial equity, diversity, and inclusion into our agency's operations, shape how SVCN can be a champion for race equity, diversity, and inclusion as values for the nonprofit sector, and support CBOs on their own racial equity journeys.

Join Us in Taking This Nonprofit Racial Equity Pledge

A collective of nonprofits working towards racial justice brings to you, our nonprofit family, this Nonprofit Racial Equity Pledge and ask for your organizations and for you to publicly endorse it.

Why are we asking you to endorse this pledge? Nonprofit leaders know and often witness firsthand that existing systems of power give privilege and access to resources which preserve and exacerbate racial inequities. Given that knowledge, the Silicon Valley nonprofit community has a special obligation to make a public, united commitment to support equity, justice, inclusion, and the opportunity to thrive, for all.

And although nonprofits pledge to work in service to the community, we often allow biases, exclusion, and inequities within our own organizations to go unchecked. So let's fix this, together. Let’s agree to embed values and practices of diversity, inclusion, and equity, in our organizations. We can commit to learn, embrace and effectuate those values in our everyday work. Furthermore, let’s pledge to champion these values in public and private-sector arenas.

In addition to signing on behalf your organization, please welcome your staff and Board to sign as well. Signing individually means that nonprofit staff are committed to working within their organizations to provide support and accountability towards the organizational promises, and also furthering an anti-racist culture within your organization.

This Pledge is important, but it is only the first step towards nonprofit Race Equity Action. The community of nonprofits that worked on this pledge invites you to join us in the next conversation about transforming this pledge into tangible action steps. SVCN, together with our partner Thrive in San Mateo County and CEN, will be there to support you. We have pledged to create a race equity, diversity, and inclusion resource hub to support nonprofits in their race equity journeys.