Race Equity

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SVCN is on an intentional journey to build the values of race equity, diversity, and inclusion into our agency's operations, and shape how SVCN can be a champion for race equity, diversity, and inclusion as values for the nonprofit sector, and support CBOs on their own race equity journeys. 

SVCN's Statement in Solidarity with Black Lives Matter

Nonprofit letter to City of San Jose -- calling on FY21 budget to fund race equity work and redirect policing funding to community services.

Nonprofit letter to Santa Clara County encouraging redirection of Sheriff and Corrections Department funding to community services


SVCN's Working Statement on Race Equity, Diversity + Inclusion

SVCN is committed to supporting equity, justice, inclusion, and the opportunity to thrive, for all. SVCN recognizes that existing systems of power give privilege and access to resources and lead to inequities, including race-based inequities, and oppression. This is true in nonprofit organizations as it is in other institutions. We commit to using diversity, equity, and inclusion values and practices in our business and to bring awareness of and capacity to embrace and effectuate those values in our nonprofit alliance. We also pledge to champion these values in public and private-sector arenas. 

Our Understanding of Equity Terms


Recognizing all the ways in which people differ, as individuals and as groups of people.  Diversity includes race, ethnicity, gender, age, national origin, religion, disability, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, education, marital status, language, physical appearance, and other ways in which people identify themselves. Individuals affiliate with multiple identities. 



The fair treatment, access, opportunities, and advancement for all people. Improving equity requires increasing fairness within procedures and process of institutions or systems, and distribution of resources—both inside the organization and externally when engaging our diverse community of people and organizations.  



The ongoing practice of creating environments in which any individual or group can feel welcomed, supported, valued, and respected, and given the opportunity to fully participate. Working toward inclusion requires our own recognition of ways in which we are engaging in implicit biases and microaggressions toward others, in order to address and eliminate them, thus removing barriers for others to feel included.*

*Based on Independent Sector, D5 Coalition, Racial Equity Tools Glossary, and UC Berkeley's DEI definitions. 

SVCN's Race Equity, Diversity, + Inclusion Vision

SVCN, together with our partner agencies Thrive Alliance & Center for Excellence in Nonproits, will be a hub for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) education, support, and practice, to support the nonprofit ecosystem in Silicon Valley. We will do this by providing nonprofit staff and organizations opportunities to:  

  • engage in interactive and practical workshops that help organizations to reflect their DEI values in their operations and activities 

  • attend curated, thought-provoking presentations that can help nonprofit leadership arrive at a greater understanding of structural racism and the imperative for nonprofits to work towards continuous improvement in diversity, inclusion, and race equity work 

  • connect with mentors and advisors who can help nonprofit leaders advance conversations and frameworks initiatives 

  • share experiences and practices with nonprofit peers in the DEI space, in-person and digitally, in a safe environment 

  • work with other sectors on DEI-related objectives 

  • unite together to address systemic racism, discrimination, injustice, and inequity in our community; center the voices of Black, Indigenous, and other Peoples of Color, and support empowerment of the communities we pledge to serve.

Race Equity Resource Hub for Nonprofits

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Race Equity

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