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Nonprofit Racial Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Resource Page

Welcome to the Nonprofit Racial Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (REDI) Resource Page! This page is your ever-evolving guide for nonprofits in their journey to become antiracist organizations and is part of our REDI Hub.

This resource page offers various tools, guides, research, and more for nonprofits wanting easy access to content relevant and helpful to their own racial justice journey – however far along they may be. 

What is the Nonprofit REDI Hub?

The Nonprofit REDI Hub is a joint effort between SVCN and Thrive Alliance to integrate Racial Equity, Diversity and Inclusion into the nonprofit community in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties. As part of our commitments to live out the promises made in the Nonprofit Racial Equity Pledgewe commit and take action to address systemic racism, discrimination and inequity in our communities and organizations.


We will do this by...


Sharing resources and curriculum for nonprofit staff to use and learn from


Developing and enabling actions, such as trainings and tools


Promoting collaboration and partnership to create spaces of connection and support

Have any feedback for us or would like to recommend content to add to the hub?

Contact us at

Nonprofit REDI Resources




Guides & Tools


Articles & Publications


Recruitment & Culture


Take Action

We’d like to extend a special thanks and appreciation to SVCN's 2021-2022 Nonprofit Racial Justice Fellow, Mariela Frías, for their work and contributions in creating this Racial Equity Resource Hub
for our community.

Nonprofit Racial Equity Pledge

Join Us in Taking This Nonprofit Racial Equity Pledge!

A collective of nonprofits working towards racial justice brings to you, our nonprofit family, this Nonprofit Racial Equity Pledge. We ask for you and your organization to consider publicly endorsing it.


Sign the Pledge


History of the Pledge


Download the Pledge

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