Strategic Framework

Welcome to Silicon Valley Council of Nonprofits’ (SVCN) Strategic Framework.

This Strategic Framework articulates SVCN’s identity, worldview, and broad purpose as a change-making organization as it seeks to have impact in a constantly changing context. The Strategic Framework is different from a traditional linear strategic plan oriented around three to five-year goals and is intended to serve as a north star as SVCN allocates its resources in line with its mission as it engages with its wider environment. The Framework will be translated into concrete, actionable, and measurable priorities in SVCN’s ongoing annual planning, staff OKRs, and work planning.

The rapid planning cycles afforded by this approach offer enough flexibility to support SVCN in adapting to an ever-changing context yet enough focus to help SVCN define success, move the needle, document impact, and avoid mission-creep.

Strategic Pillars

SVCN focuses our attention on four key strategic aspects of our work that are critical in our mission to elevate the role, voice, and capacity of the local nonprofit ecosystem so it can be a force for social change and support the creation of equitable and thriving communities. The four pillars of our Strategic Framework are:

Nonprofit Support & Engagement
Policy Change
Learning Opportunities
Operations & Culture

Because SVCN is deeply committed to racial justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (REDI), we have decided to weave these principles into everything we do, and in turn, throughout the pillars and the framework.

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